WHY Every Business Should Get A Social Marketing Assessment


There is no denying that social media is here to stay, and that social media will continue to become even more necessary for businesses to integrate into  marketing and sales.


Five reasons WHY every business should get a social marketing assessment:

  1. To determine how effective your current social media methods are as compared to what they could be.

  2. Learn what the best social media practices are and how to integrate those practices into your marketing plan and entire company.

  3. Find out what not to do.

  4. Discover how to turn your website, blog and social networks into revenue generators.

  5. A social marketing assessment is an inexpensive way to let you know what your company needs to do next.

WHY Social Media Marketing Integration is So Important

Many companies and individuals have the wrong take on social media marketing.  They mentally separate social media from the rest of the company.  They take the attitude of “doing social media” instead of taking action to become more social as a company.

There is a new way of doing business that puts the customer in the drivers seat. This new way of business makes it extremely important for companies and organizations to integrate social marketing into every aspect of the entire operation; from customer relations, product development, sales, marketing and the types of services offered.

By integrating social media into every aspect of your company, your company will be able to listen to what your customers want and deliver those wants in a timely manner. You will be able to monitor the reputation of your company, and respond to negative publicity; curtailing any possible disasters for your business. You will also find out how to build your company’s brand to get the most positive response from your target market.

These are just a few of the many ongoing benefits of integrating social media marketing into your business.  Find out how much more social media marketing can do for your business by contacting us at 1-800-499-3731.

WHY SoMeSyn?

Why should you let SoMeSyn handle your social media and Internet marketing needs?

First off, at SoMeSyn we have one thing in mind; making you more money!

In business the bottom line is what counts.

If we don’t deliver we don’t get paid.  Your success is our success.  Here at SoMeSyn we use the equation: P +P = P.  This stands for People + Performance = Profits.

People are the first part of the equation because you have to have the right people to do the job.  SoMeSyn has a team of professionals in place with years of experience in Branding and Marketing, Web development and design, Graphic design, Cinematography, SEO, Internet marketing, content creation and Social Media experience.

Performance is the second part of the equation.  With the right people in place whom master what they do, our performance will be outdone by none.  We have individuals apart of the SoMeSyn team with experience working for Fortune 500 companies. We pride ourselves in getting it right and making you and your company more money.

Profits the last part of the equation is what most every business is in business for.  At SoMeSyn our first goal is to make sure our clients are more profitable from doing business with us.  We know that if our clients are making more money because of us, we know that we will continue to run a profitable business.

To start making more money give us a call today!  1-800-499-3731

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